Who Are We?

We founded ASTAQC as a tight-knit group of professional Software Testers working on building testing strategy. In short, desperate to bring a change in the industry. With a passion for all aspects of technology. Above all, we boast an exceptionally well-rounded team ready to reinforce the integrity of your system. Making sure, we truly understand the need for robust software. As a result, when companies scale their practice, they have already mitigated sustainability issues. Consequently, offering a testing strategy tailored to the client needs.

We at ASTAQC aim to completely alleviate the strain of testing within your implementation. Thus, allowing you to allocate resources elsewhere. Thus, when deadlines approach, handing-off to the best professionals in the industry can significantly increase your project workflow. In addition to which, exceeding your requirements. Therefore building a testing plan that complements your development.

Offering a full scope of Testing. Starting from manual to fully automated, we have a fortress of experience that has already assisted numerous clients. Above all, your business goals are at the peak of our interest. Thus, we’re here to provide you with a bridge to success through extensive quality assurance possibilities.

Our Client Commitment

We inherit our client’s end-goal to truly shape our service and provide a tailored testing strategy to support our client. Although, we may be a third-party (Offshore) Partner. However, your success is imperative to us, and this is a code ASTAQC stands by with every client. As a result, ASTAQC aims to provide relief to the stress of this process. As we understand the burden testing can become to companies.

Understanding the implications testing can bring to companies, ASTAQC aims to provide relief to this process, to allow our clients to allocate their resources more efficiently and increase workflow.

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Our Process

Testing strategy

ASTAQC gives each client a detailed analysis which allows us to produce a precisely tailored service. We assess your end-goal, your project requirements and the complete implementation of your solution and craft a unique testing strategy which we present to our client. Our testing strategy isolates the best choice of Testing for your solution, allowing you to save money. It’s vital for ASTAQC to provide immaculate communication to our client and resonate with the fact that Testing can be a complicated process. We offer a bridge of understanding, with detailed explanations of our planned test cases, what they reinforce and how they propel your software.

Your time is on our clock, and we draw a detailed roadmap that gives you accurate timescales, allowing your company to plan workflows more efficiently and asynchronously complete tasks. We set up daily meetings with our clients to provide brief updates and are entirely ready to deal with any changes you may require during the process.

Upon the completion of our testing strategy, we present a thorough analysis of our Testing results that we deliver to our clients. A post client meeting is set up with a breakdown of our findings which we convey to your development team.

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Our Team

We’re incredibly proud of our Team and are continually trying to push the boundaries of Testing. With a combined experience surpassing 50 years, our Team has been in either senior or managerial positions before joining us. Our Team is incredibly versatile due to such solidified skillsets, and we’re happy to serve our new clients.

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