Automated Testing Services

Our Automated testing services aim at reducing the testing time. Product quality is the primary concern of every new application or the latest versions released in the market. In the automation world, ASTAQC Engineers gives importance to automated testing services along with other testing methods. Our automated team works around the customer’s perspective to create an effective solution. 

Automated Testing

Automated Testing is vital for any product. Typically, Software products fall into two categories, generic and custom. Therefor, we at ASTAQC understand the importance of both types of products. Aesthetic values of a product are the most important aspect to engage your customers. 

Our testers are vigilant to capture the appearance and intuitiveness of the product. Though the automated tests verify the response of the data. The manual testing verifies the product, features, and responsiveness. 

ASTAQC team chooses the testing phases as per the requirement of the product. 

Defining the purpose and the needs of the product is the first step to proceed with manual testing. Our pillars of testing are: 

1) Attention to every pixel of UI.

2) The detailed analysis of data.

3) Verifying the overall functionality of the product. 

Regression and exploratory tests are of prime importance. Regression tests confirm the integrity of software as per the previous testing results. Exploratory tests validate the interaction of users with the working software.

Integration and Acceptance tests are the final phases of testing for a product. These tests offer the ability to get the customer’s experience and test the boundaries. Our experienced testers set up complex systems and are experts in rigorous testing. 

Why Astaqc?

On a mission to change how the testing is looked at. We offer comprehensive manual testing services to meet the quality standards of release. Defining the purpose and the needs of the product is the first step to proceed with manual testing.


Quick Turnaround

Our frameworks are built to integrate seamlessly with most applications, thus allowing us to quickly cover the use cases.


Custom Solutions

Not every application is same, we at Astaqc understand it better and step outside the box to choose an aproach best suited for your application.


Performance Testing

Application is only perfect if it performs well enough with a specified load and we ensure performance testing is automated and any probable issue is fixed well in advance.


Experienced Team

With teams having years of experience working with different technologies and tools, you are always under an experts guidance.

version control

Transparent Reports

All our frameworks can quickly be integrated within your CI/CD ensure the tests are continuously running and results are quickly accessible.

Security on

Security Testing

Security has become a necessity and thus team at Astaqc continuously enhances the automated security test checks. Then, monitors the application for security flaws and highlights them well ahead.

Astaqc helped us reducing our regression cycle by 7 days with their quick turnaround framework.
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