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508 Compliance Testing for Mobile Applications

Section 508 is a part of the Workforce Investment Act of 1998, which, in turn, is part of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. The Act prescribes that the agencies are lawfully required to make such technology fully accessible for anyone to see at any given time. Thus, tech businesses must ensure their electronic and information technology is fully accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities. This particular Section makes it easier for people with less ability than the average person, such as walking, speaking, or sensory deprivation, to access the same programs or even apps, rights, and advantages that a fully non-disabled person would get.  All businesses wish that their product or service is accessible for as many people as possible. However, it is a business’s responsibility to ensure that the product or service is capable of reaching that many. Section 508 compliance testing for Mobile applications allows companies to test their digital content’s compliance with the set regulations. Why is 508 Compliance Testing an Integral Part of Every Mobile Application Development Process? Accessibility is an essential aspect in terms of which mobile app experiences are rated today. Firstly, a large chunk of mobile app users are visual, hearing, or mobility impaired. Again they enjoy only limited access to online resources and technology. Mobile application 508 Compliance Testing determines how well a mobile app can be understood and used, regardless of the nature of the technology or platform used to access it. Accessibility testing effort can not only improve a mobile app, but it can also give the app a competitive edge over its competitors. Given the fast-paced business environments, reducing time to market is a strategic step in the app development lifecycle. However, it should in no way push the accessibility features to the end of the app development

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Our team believes in the lean strategy approach. Thus we invest a lot in both our testers and the resources we use. To coin a proverb

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Having built a team of various testers with vast expertise in different types of software testing, we decided we wish to share our knowledge. This blog is a mix of approaches, tools and some lessons learned. It also entails some methodologies and observations based on experience. 

We deem that best practices in testing are based on learning as many approaches as possible. Then to open your mind to new ways and ideas to approach any challenge.

Our software testing blog is dedicated to people who always wish to learn something more related to QA and software testing. This is the place where we would provide the latest trends, some valuable tips and insights.

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