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Although, Our Quality Assurance Services plans are based on the type of requirements. Thus, primarily broken down by Hours, Project Size & Team size. But, you can find the common plans on Home Page. You can also get in touch with the sales team Contact Us

However, the type of services depends on the kind of application or projects. But, an agile team generally comprises of all the phases of software testing.  For instance, Exploratory, Functional, Regression, Automation, User Acceptance etc.

To clarify, yes the consultation is absolutely free, you can schedule one Book Now.

Certainly, we levy the GST as per Indian Government Taxation laws.

Yes we follow the ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119 Software Testing Standards.

Expertise, Resources, Cost-effectiveness, Unbiased Product quality review are the main reasons to go for outsourced partners for testing. Testing service is equally important as the idea behind the product. An impeccable performance could back up a mediocre product. Poor performance will fail even the best product.

Our team follows an Agile approach to implementing the testing strategies, every phase of development life cycle is paired with a matching testing phase which increases the efficiency of overall process, this Also ensures the team stays LEAN throughout.

Yes, you have control over the type of team you want to have, the basic team would generally comprise of equally distributed experienced testers, who depending upon the complexity of application could be altered.

Certainly, there is a one-time setup fee per project which includes the platform setup. In Addition, it includes team planning along with the one-time billing process setup. We then automate this cycle to reduce the overhead charges which are ultimately faced by the client otherwise.

To sum up, we have partnered with many clients and have served several domains. For instance, fintech, F&B, Travel and Tourism, HealthCare, CRM, Automobile, Entertainment and Gaming etc. In addition, you can ask for a whitepaper to know more Contact Us.

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Our vision is to provide the best 360° Software Testing and Quality Assurance services for global enterprises and SMEs across industries.

Do not let average testing slow down the growth of your exceptional development process and idea.

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