Configuration Testing Services

Configuration Testing is one of the most essential types of software testing. In this type of software testing, the product/feature/application is checked with a variety of hardware and software configurations. This is to make sure that the product, feature or applications run smoothly without any errors.

Configuration Testing

This type of software testing has lots of importance and advantages in today’s market. Configuration Testing ensures that the product, feature or application is working at its best. Along with this it also makes sure that the system is compatible

Why Astaqc?

Astaqc Consulting provides a comprehensive configuration testing service. It has well-experienced testers in this field. The company has a team that has technical as well as conceptual knowledge of this technology. It believes in delivering full value to the customer by their service


Trusted Partner

The team of testers here at Astaqc Consulting are skilled professionals. They hold expertise is testing applications​


Measurable ROI

The team of testers here at Astqac Consulting is very proficient. Astaqc Consulting believes in customer satisfaction. It ensures that the end goal is achieved and makes sure that the customer receives the return of investment they made

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Multi Domain SME's

The team of testers here at Astaqc are very experienced in various kinds of domains and are aware of all aspects of testing

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Access To Vast resource

The team of testers here at Astaqc Consulting has access to a pool of vast resources. They are well aware and expert in the new technologies that come up every day

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