Cloud Testing Services

Cloud Testing Services mostly deal with testing cloud computing services. In this era, where everything is there on the cloud this field of software testing holds a great deal of importance. This services mainly focus on components like Application, Network, and Application. It is usually divided into three areas

  • Software as a service- SaaS
  • Platform as a service- PaaS
  • Infrastructure as a service- IaaS

Cloud Testing

Cloud Testing is a very important part of testing. This testing involves all other types of testing like performance and security testing. This testing holds a lot of importance. The first is that it is a cost-effective approach to testing and helps in generating value in the long run. This service of testing is also very flexible in nature. It involves testing in complex environments making the entire application or platform very reliable.

There are many tools outside in the market to do this service. Few popular ones are:-

  • LoadStorm- This tool is also used for performance testing. It has a free trial that can be availed
  • Testsigma- This tool uses the Natural Language Processing algorithm to test. It is a very cost-effective tool as well
  • SOASTA Cloud Test- This tool provides very good analytics and reports apart from testing


Why Astaqc?

Astaqc Consulting provides a comprehensive cloud testing service. It has well-experienced testers in this field. The company has a team that has technical as well as conceptual knowledge of this technology. It believes in delivering full value to the customer by its service

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Skilled Team

The team of testers here at Astaqc is skilled in every aspect of end to end software testing.


Knowledge of Automation Tools

The team of testers here at Astaqc is well versed with running automated tests and have good knowledge about automation tools


Knowledge of Tools

The team of testers here at Astaqc has good knowledge about tools used in the field of software testing

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The team of testers here at Astaqc consists of experienced professionals who have rich knowledge about the field


Astaqc is very customer-focused, and they go out of the way to make sure that the customers are getting full value for their time and money.
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