Blockchain Testing Services

Blockchain Testing Services, this technology has become one of the most important technologies in today’s era. This technology serves as storage for open-source assets as there is no middle person involved.  

The technology itself is changing now and test applications are becoming challenging. Specialized testing is required to test the applications apart from functional, performance and security testing.

Blockchain Testing

This technology is not only limited to finance but has spread its wings to different sectors as well. Seeing the complexity of the entire technology it becomes of utmost importance to have strict validations. All sectors bring up their own challenges and require a different approach and acceptance criteria for the testing problem.

There are many tools outside in the market to help in the testing of block chain applications. Few of them are:

    • Ethereum Tester- This is an open-source tool. This works great with all APIs
    • BitcoinJ- This tool is specifically made for bitcoin-based applications
    • Populus- The framework of this tool is the same as Etherum. It is easier to implement and use

Potential Uses Of Blockchain

Why Astaqc?

Astaqc Consulting provides a comprehensive this service. It has well-experienced testers in this field. The company has a team that has technical as well as conceptual knowledge of this technology. It believes in delivering full value to the customer by their service

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Lack of Best Practices

The team of testers here at Astaqc Consulting are skilled professionals. They hold expertise is testing blockchain applications


Lack of Standardization in Blockchain Testing

The team of testers here is not only technically qualified but also hold expertise in business and legal knowledge


Lack of Blockchain Testing Tools

The market as of now does not have very efficient blockchain testing tools. Astaqc can help in testing all your applications


Transactions are Irreversible

Knowing the type of technology blockchain is, Astaqc takes care of all the transactions. It ensures testing is done up to the quality standards

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