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Rated as one of the Best Software Testing company in USA, Astaqc is a trusted QA Engineering Partner for esteemed organizations and have been providing Software Testing resources for teams, reach out to us with your requirements today.

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Astaqc Consulting – An unbiased and independent success partner, software testing staffing agency and software testing company, delivering high-quality services at the most affordable rates in the market. Our out of the box approach and Client success framework has quickly brought us on the top of this highly focused niche. A lot of our client’s call us best software testing company in USA they’ve worked with.

A completely managed testing services, software testing staffing agency and Software testing company expert provider. With 360° Software Testing and Quality Assurance services for global enterprises and SMEs across industries. ASTAQC specialises in providing end-to-end application testing solutions. Also, setting up Testing Center of Excellence (CoE’s), niche testing, quality QA strategies at optimal cost. And delivery at the right time, every time.

Software Testing Staffing agency
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If you are looking for flexible, transparent. Also, productive QA testing services or software testing staffing agency to hire software quality experts then we are the perfect match.

What Do We Test?

Software Testing Staffing agency and best software testing company

Functionality Testing

Guarantee a completely smooth workflow, therefore, an immaculate functionality....
Software Testing Staffing agency for Usability testing

Usability Testing

Push the boundaries of your interface design. Thus, ensuring seamless usability...
Software Testing Staffing agency for performance testing

Performance Testing

Test the limits of your system, therefore, allowing you to optimize the performance...
Software Testing Staffing agency

Compatibility Testing

Grant error-free versions, in addition to, ease of access For all the platforms you publish your applications to...

Website Testing

Websites are front-door of the internet. Thus, We provide expert website testing solution...
Software Testing Staffing agency for web apps testing

Web Apps Testing

By testing the most complex of web apps, therefore building...
Software Testing Staffing agency for desktop app testing

Desktop Apps Testing

In addition, to having a team of in-house Java and C# developers, we're able to pinpoint design flaws...
mobile testing

Mobile Apps Testing

Mobile apps are heavily engaging with the user directly coming into contact with the interface. Thus, it requires even more attention...
Software Testing Staffing agency for software products testing

Cloud Solutions Testing

We've helped numerous clients save money through the identification of perfect strategy. Thus creating an impeccable solution...
game testing

Game Testing

Games require extremely vigorous Testing to ensure they're playable. Thus, While playing looks fun testing a game is highly challenging...
Software Testing Staffing agency for blockchain testing

Blockchain Testing

Fortunately, we've been busy with blockchain technology. In addition, working with several path-breaking applications...

Testing Documentation

Each of our services come with an analysis of the service you've selected. Thus, giving you full control and awareness about the actions...



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Why Choose Us For Your Software Product?​

With some of the best software testing talent, ASTAQC truthfully boasts an incredible roster, ready to serve new clients. Thus, our existing clients have had continued collaboration with us based on their satisfaction with us as a Software testing company. You too can choose us as your software testing staffing agency.
Since 2015

We Have Helped Clients

Save Time and Therefore, Money In Stressful Projects.

Reduce Risks Of Critical Problems And, Therefore, Stabilise The Process.

In addition, Reach Their End Goals & Exceed Them Further.

In Conclusion, relieve the stress of Testing Through An Expert Service.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you choose a service provider like Astaqc which is an established software testing company, you receive a complete Quality Solution for your product, this service may include Functionality testing by domain experts or automating all your business use cases using tools like selenium, cypress, testcafe.

Testing the performance of your application with Jmeter.

Testing the security and vulnerability assessment using OS like Kali Linux, with tools like NMAP, BurpSuite etc. 

By choosing a managed service provider like us, not only you get the complete quality solutions but you get exceptional ROI and you do not ever have to worry about finding the right candidate for your application testing because we handle it all.

You can now focus on creating better value for your users while we ensure it is delivered with exceptional quality and security.

If you are looking best software testing company in USA, then we do have a presence there as well and have served a lot of clients from USA.

Once, you’ve understood the reason why you need to hire a QA or a QA Team, your task is pretty much done. Thereafter, all you need to do is to send us your requirement and we make sure the best candidate is onboarded in the team. We as a software testing company already have a team of experts that can enable you to proceed smoothly. Many of our clients look for best software testing company in USA and then they reach out to us, we help them choose the best candidate as per their product.

Also Known as Quality Assurance Engineer, A QA’s job is to help maintain the quality of a product. Thus, we at Astaqc take it with great importance to understand the requirements. Therefore, eliminating any SILO in testing which may be involved otherwise. In Addition, our team believes in collaboration. So, our QA engineers make sure to integrate the whole testing process seamlessly in to your development cycle. Thus, the probability of finding bugs in early stage increases and therefore QA Saves you money.

Critical Thinker, A QA has to be a thinker, it goes without saying that a company’s product must meet the customer’s requirements in order to be a hit. Therefore, the QA must be able to visualize all the scenarios in advance and test the software accordingly.

Flexible. In today’s software testing world, a QA tester needs to be flexible enough to take up any task.

Excellent Communication Skills is something which is very essential for being a QA, you must have a voice and a way to express and communicate your views.

Quick Learning is something that the QA should possess, being able to think ahead is very important as a QA.

Team Player, a QA should always be ready to take responsibility and work with in a team, Understand the high level goals and detailed requirements at the same time.

The ability to take criticism, to take responsibility of the product. In Addition, being able to communicate clearly and effectively is very important part of QA’s Role. Therefore, At Astaqc we ensure we ensure our engineers work as close as possible to development team and promote 100% transparency.

We believe in building, Trust, Solving Problem and collaborating effortlessly. These three Core Values define our way of working. Therefore, we ensure whichever project we work with, we take up the responsibility of delivering a high quality product every time. Therefore once you choose us as your Software testing company, we ensure your product reaches the Quality it deserves.

If you’re looking for best software testing company in USA, then you’ve reached at right place, we do have our presence in the US and can help you with your product testing. Just reach out to us.

A software testing staffing agency like Astaqc Consulting has experience in the domain of testing thus we have created a pool of candidates with very thorough testing process that helps you beat the enormous amount of effort required otherwise by any organization to establish in to a Software Testing and Quality Assurance experts.

Many companies in countries like USA look for best software testing company in USA, and this becomes a costly and time consuming activity, and we as a QA Engineer staffing agency can help you out in speeding up your hiring and onboarding.

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